First off, this is me!


– On my way up Mt. Monadnock, NH

It’s your life, live it but TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

A few of my favorite views:

51577619_10218190901662230_6878115985371430912_oRochdale, MA

19780439_10213358341371243_4646877556020380818_o (1)

5 thoughts on “First off, this is me!

  1. Beth Ashbrook


    I wrote a book during quarantine called, “60 Days in Quarantine.” It’s a journal of what life was like from March 21-May 19, 2020 as we all dealt with COVID-19 taking over our lives. I use social media posts and pictures to help tell the story from my viewpoint. It’s a reflection of the time and also a call to action to spread love, positivity, and unity into our broken and divided world. I’d like to use one of your posts in my book from Intentional Strength on Facebook if that’s okay with you. I can send you the page from the book so you can see what I’m using and what’s said about it. I appreciate your help with this!

    Beth Ashbrook


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