Have you ever wanted to say, SCREW THIS!


Please don’t tell me if you haven’t because I tell myself we’ve ALL been to that point…

The last few weeks, I’ve been to that point, built a cool tree fort, moved in and set up a swing… Here’s a picture of me just enjoying the view from my swing while contemplating LIFE!

I kid, I kid…  but if it were an option, I might have SERIOUSLY had to hold myself back from it!


For real though, have you ever just wanted to run away?

Have you ever just felt SO overwhelmed, focusing on how you could have ever even gotten in this position in the first place? (Which just ignites even more feelings of failure, stress and inadequacy.)

Life is a b*tch sometimes my friends.
You will work hard. Do all the “right” things and BOOM! A Sh*tstorm approaches anyway.

I’ve learned that if you wait long enough to make decisions, LIFE will take control and all your worst fears WILL come true BUTTTTT, in some cases, it’s only because you are sitting in your swing just watching the world (inaction), beating yourself up for gaining weight, spending money you “shouldn’t have”, not saying the “right” thing, not being the “right: you.

Listen, I’ve been there and guess what, I’ll be there again… 

Real talk, life can be painful.

Life is truly a finicky mix of struggle for growth and experience from learning all while you are trying to juggle your career, the laundry, grocery shopping, working out and fun. It just doesn’t stop and sometimes it’s the greatest adventure in the world.

Other times though, it can kick you down and see if you will stand firm or back down.
How many times am I going to be tested?
As many times as it takes for you to learn your lessons..

Will it be easy? NOPE.
Will it be worth it? YUP!
Anyone who says differently is selling a lie.

The truth is the strongest people you know are the ones who feel pain, accept it, learn from it, and FIGHT THROUGH it.  

They turn their wounds into wisdom and make changes so things are different.

It’s all about having the courage to take a break though, to shed a tear, to step back from things and people, to dust yourself off, and then to get back in the ring to fight like you’ve never fought before, for YOU and what YOU believe in.

Have you been waiting so long that you no longer feel like it’s possible for you to change?
Do you often say to yourself, “this is just IT for me?”

I’ve learned so much in life and through my experience over the last 2.5 years coaching women in my private groups. I’ve learned that when you get your body and mind strong, you are unstoppable. Things still happen but you are more capable of working through them as opposed to wallowing in them.

Are you ready to make things happen? Let’s do it together.

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