Wow, this year is going by fast!!

I know that I’ve made a lot of changes this year so far that have been more in-line with MY vision for my life. They haven’t been easy but they’ve been worth it! More about those changes in the weeks ahead as my head is still spinning a bit!

Let’s be real ~ It’s hard to make the changes necessary in order to lay your head down on your pillow each night with peace in your heart & mind.

Anyone who tells you that change is easy has clearly already made it through the necessary changes. Change is simple but really not meant to be “easy”. If you remember that, you’ll be OK.

I’ve found that sometimes it’s even hard to know when you need to make changes. I’ve found that if I’m really frustrated all the time, like “GRRR!!!” then it’s  probably go time… I even came up with my own acronym!!


Good (now)

Clever, right?!

Anyway, at the beginning of this year I made 8 goals that I felt would help me feel more connected to the people in my life and the things that I do day-to-day.

1. Write 1 letter a week to people in your life to let them know what they mean to you.
2. Write a personal mission statement or mantra and post it where you’ll see it every day.
3. Write top 10 goals for 2017 and post them where you can see them.
4. Write a not-to-do-list.
5. Clean out your closet and donate unwanted clothes to charity.
6. Create a vision board or journal your vision and read / adjust it daily.
7. Create an exercise plan that makes you feel good and fits your body, lifestyle and goals.
8. Make room for downtime and figure out how to enjoy it!

These 8 goals have served me well since the start of 2017 and now it’s time for adjustments or to re-start doing them!

Sometimes I start making changes and then when I feel great, I stop doing the things that helped me feel so good. It’s crazy and really makes no sense but I suppose that’s the human in me! 

Do you need / want to redefiine, release and refocus? aaf0a51b-f63e-467b-ad1c-c3477a5982a4.png

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