You are always moving somewhere…

There is no such thing as maintaining the status quo!

You are ALWAYS moving somewhere—either forward or backwards.

Please trust yourself.

You see, I know that you are wondering about your decisions…whether your dream will manifest, who to trust, whether or not you’ve chosen “right” thing and even how you should be spending your time.

I know that there is anxiety seeping into you, even as you seek to avoid it, and I see that anxiety (and your lack of trust) making your life less than the fun, free, exciting adventure it can be.

And so I beg you, to slow down, enjoy life and to KNOW that you are creating what you need.

You CANNOT do this wrong. 

This is not a test. Time will never run out. And the ONLY measure of success is your own joy and happiness. Any other measure is not yours, but your ego’s.

You see, if you let go of the comparisons and the doubt, what you are left with is choice. Does this feel good? If not, what does? And choose again.

This life of yours is a GIFT to you. And all you need to do is to accept it and enjoy it.

Please trust yourself.0e1c7673-87b6-47f3-a0a0-3b0035f69ada.jpg

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