Don’t roll your eyes

You will never be as good as you think you SHOULD be! None of us will be.

There are times where we will not meet our own (unreasonable) expectations of ourselves. For me, if I’m not careful, it can happen numerous times a day…

Are you self conscious about what you are doing and achieving?

If so, you may be stuck in the unreasonable trap too.

I think it happens to a lot of us.
We focus on how we are falling short and not focusing on all that we are doing. We look at the highlight reels of people’s lives and forget that there is no high without a low.

We worry, oh we worry so much sometimes! 

We worry as we measure ourselves against our own expectations. We worry instead of allowing ourselves grace and patience.

Is your self talk filled with statements that begin with:

I don’t ________.
I should _______.

I can think of a million and two ways of completing those sentences. It’s sad and real, isn’t it?

How about these?

I do _______.
I am _____.

A little harder, right?

It’s time to flip them.

I don’t do enough  —-> I do my very best.
I should be skinnier  —-> I am beautiful just the way I am.

Don’t roll your eyes. 

This is real. There are too many of us beating ourselves up for all we are not and not enough of us that are BUILDING ourselves up! The truth is, you NEED to build yourself up, it’s really not an option, it’s a necessity!!

Stop fantasizing about what your life should be like and stop expecting it to be perfect. Imperfection is what makes life enjoyable. Appreciating rather than expecting. Being grateful rather than wishing for different.

Take a moment to really see the beauty in your life right now. Stop chastising yourself for being you and start CELEBRATING instead!



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