Social Media ~ Who needs it?!


There’s SO much information out there begging for our attention, it’s hard to know where to start!

So many opportunities and platforms to share, learn and get stuck in that we are being torn away from ACTION! Information without action leads nowhere.

I’ve been a victim of information overload and I’ve also had success despite it.

Social media for instance has:

  • Brought me new connections that have enriched every area of my life. There are so many groups and people that are eager to connect and support you.
  • Helped me step away from those who no longer serve me or where I want to go in my life
  • I’ve had success in business, I was an on-line fitness coach!  Big surprise to those who know me personally.


It’s an outlet that I am using more and more every day to test the waters of my new ideas and thought processes.

I block, unfollow and hide people – which are fantastic blessings when you feel like the information you are seeing every day is negative or constantly dwelling on the victim mode mentality.

I’ve been a member of 100’s of groups and now I’m down to about 10 groups that I really connect with and that are enriching my life. That’s freeing. I’ve left many groups and don’t stay in groups where people are trying to sell me things… Please don’t add me. I’m FRUGAL (a.k.a. cheap) and I know better than to keep myself in those groups because you can always find something you like and buy.

I’ve had my use of social media thrown in my face SO many times and I get that some don’t like to take part but personally, I control what I use it for and it ENRICHES my life, gives it depth and allows me to connect with awesome people all around the world.

I’m human, I preach, I share and am growing too.

I share a lot of positive thoughts that help me make it through my days because I know not everyone is made like me and is so persistent with the need to surround yourself with the thoughts that SERVE you as opposed to the ones that tear you down.

I’ve learned that you have to control the flow and know when to step away from all that information that is surrounding you in order to ensure your own peace and focus. You cannot attach your mood to social media because there is always someone who is having a better day than you or a worse one for that matter. You just never know what others are going through which is why it’s so important to take care of yourself.

Information overload is something that you can control. Delete your apps, set times to work with social media and start making connections on times you shouldn’t be looking.

I wouldn’t have the friends I do, have the goals that I have and know they are possible without my journey through social media. I encourage you to find a way to make all this information that is out there and easily accessible WORK FOR YOU.

I’m always here to offer support but I can’t read minds, SO REACH OUT TO ME!

Xo, Ness

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