Be careful who you put in your corner!

It’s funny how people think you’re bragging when all you are trying to do is accentuate the positive things in life. Maybe I shouldn’t say funny because I actually don’t think it is…

The truth is that not everyone has positive in their life.

Hmm… Maybe I should rephrase that, everyone has positive things in their life but so many feel so bogged down with negativity that they can’t see it for themselves.

Sometimes people have to see a living example of what they need in order to believe they can do it. Although that is not necessary, some people need you to BE THE EXAMPLE.

I’m a positive person because I continuously MAKE THE CHOICE to be!

Not because it’s any easier for me than you.
Not because I am living in a parallel universe with unicorns
Because I MAKE THE CONSCIOUS CHOICE to see the positive, to be the positive!

I’m human though and I DEFINITELY have my days where it’s a lot harder to focus on the good. Some days, it feels like I’m forcing it which leads me to feelings of being a hypocrite which leads to feelings of inadequacy which typically leads to me taking a bit of time to just chill.

After a bit of time struggling with my own self-talk, I ALWAYS break free and get back on track to who I really am. I typically need a nap or a good night rest in order to reset myself then a workout to connect to my power again but it’s different for everyone.

I know the people who motivate me to live true to myself and I always do everything I can to keep their circle of influence around me. When I see a strong, positive person, I’m always like “F%CK Yeah!!” I know they are working hard to be that way, I know it doesn’t just happen.

Focusing on the positive in your life takes:

  • Hardwork
  • Dedication
  • Consistency


You do not just wake up one day with a blessed life. You need to cultivate a blessed life!

Connecting with people who fan your flames, people who remind you that you are capable, worthy and enough JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is so important.

The best part of working to become more positive, grateful and powerful within your own life?

All those negative people will stay away because nothing annoys people who are stuck in that victim mode mentality more than someone who refuses to give up and accepts every part of theirs!

So, let’s make a pact to do our VERY BEST today and every day and to give whatever our 100% looks like right now..

Focus more on the minute-to-minute “staying in joy and feeling successful” then when those wonderful results do start to manifest in your world, they are just icing on the cake!! 

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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