It happens slowly…


We discover more about who we are and what we want, and then we realize that there are things that need to change. The lifestyle you’ve been living no longer lifts you for the places you need to go and the person you long to become. The people you’ve known forever no longer see things the way you do and you are constantly feeling bad about wanting more.

You find yourself in desperate need to move on.

As we get older, we realize that some things are NOT meant to be. That everything from our past does not have a place in our present. To hold on to relationships: romantic, professional or casual that have moved on without you, is to stay stuck in a place and time that no longer exists! Why do we do that? Moving on doesn’t mean you erase or completely forget the wonderful things from your past, it just means that you find a positive way of surviving without them in your present.

We ALL have a story. We all have gone through something that has changed us in a way that we could never go back to who we once were. In life, this kind of change is inevitable.

Everything around us is impermanent – our bodies, our possessions and our current needs / wants. We don’t have control over most things but we do have control over our thought processes about them.

It’s important that we pay attention to what changes ARE working in our lives just as much as it’s important to focus on and understand the changes that AREN’T working. Appreciate how the unexpected is sometimes better than what we expected. And above all, stop stressing over what happened in the past.

Say to yourself, “Dear Past, thank you for all the life lessons you have taught me. Dear Present, I am ready now!” Because a priceless new beginning always occurs at the point you thought would be the end of everything.

Don’t be afraid to let go and discover who you are now.

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