You can’t let your past limit you.  You can’t let your present moment defeat you. 



I just finished a teary conversation about guilt and fear with my close friend. It was one of those conversations that leave you feeling lost and wondering where you went wrong. You’ve had them too, right?

It got me thinking, it truly breaks my heart how much we all BEAT OURSELVES UP for things in our past and how much we limit our futures because of it.

I’m no stranger to this believe me when I tell you that. I don’t think anyone is 100% of the time.

An appreciation for our past is necessary in order to evolve and move forward as a person.  You also need a healthy respect of fear BUT that fear CAN NOT CONTROL YOU!! There are countless stories on the internet of people overcoming circumstances that will literally make your jaw drop. I know because I YouTube motivational videos ALL THE TIME. 

You can’t let your past limit you.

You can’t let your present moment defeat you. 

It’s like this, I’m scared of x, y and z an old me would then do a, b or c instead. NEVER facing the true root of the issue, and in essence CREATING more problems for myself to either work through or try to ignore. 

Continuing in the fear loop with our sights set on who we used to be is such a trap.

Fear is an illusion that is fueled by inaction.

The quickest way to get over your fears is to take baby steps and FACE THEM!

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” and debt wasn’t accrued, weight wasn’t gained, relationships weren’t hurt or destroyed… the list goes on.

 There is a fine line between listening and supporting and allowing someone to tear themselves apart in front of you. My heart breaks with the latter.

Truly the only moment that we have is this one right here and now…

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