Don’t allow this life to break you.

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For real, you never know what someone has to do in order to tear themselves out of bed each morning.

Sometimes those people, who you see as invincible or just having it easy, don’t. Sometimes they are struggling just as much as you but they get up and grind anyway. You never really know what anyone is up against or what they are going through. You never really know what a day in their life looks like.

You never really know what a day in their life feels like to them. 

Sometimes those with the strongest shoulders, kindest words and open minds are that way because they understand and have encountered things in life that could have destroyed them but they didn’t allow them to.

You really have to BELIEVE!

You really have to have an inner drive and you really have to keep going when you think you can’t because you can!

The easiest thing in the world to do is give up… society even accepts it. Disgusting…

Don’t allow this life to break you.

Our struggles are meant to make us feel victorious, they are meant to show us our strength not defeat us.

You’re meant for more, aren’t you?

2 thoughts on “Don’t allow this life to break you.

  1. Debi Mooneyham

    I have depression and have to fight it each day. I’m also a happy person so these two fight each other everyday. I don’t talk about it as I see no reason to. I am me and the struggles are real. What lifts me up is to find someone who needs help. It usually helps to lift me up. Hear me laugh as I still am able to do so and I’m not a person who gives up. Smiling on the outside tends to open on the inside.


    1. Vanessa Roney

      I so agree with you, Debi. Helping others see their light is often what it takes to appreciate and connect with our own. You are an amazing woman with lots of love and I know we haven’t met but being connected via various social media gives you a great view of people. Thank you for being so open and I’m glad we connected. Lots of love, Ness


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