It’s a lot easier to be upset, pissed off and angry at the world.

Someone asked me if it was hard being “happy all the time” today. My knee jerk reaction was to be a jerk but I decided against it and took a second to think about what they were really asking.

I guess I do give that vibe and for that, I’m very happy! But let’s be real…

I’m not happy all the time. No one is. We are humans, we are meant to feel all of our emotions. I have bad moments, shitty things happen to me and I screw up A LOT!

I AM grateful all the time though. When I am going through things, I allow myself to do just that, go through them.

I AM constantly searching for the lesson and I’m not afraid to fail. I simply don’t view it like 98% of society wants me to – I happily fail my way to success. I just don’t give up.

I do respect the struggles but never focus so much on them that I can’t at least acknowledge the blessings that surround me.

I DO believe it’s a lot easier to be upset, pissed off and angry at the world. I consciously CHOOSE not to live my life that way.
I REFUSE to live that way.

It’s a choice and you’ll never convince me otherwise.

I use to think I was just made differently and that was a bad thing. I know it’s not a bad thing anymore, it’s my gift and I intend to continue to share it 


I know when most people ask a question like that they want a quick response and that’s what I gave with a smile but there’s a novel in me… let’s grab a coffee and chat about it sometime  


You’re meant for more.



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