kindNess – Be you!

You really have to stop thinking there is something wrong with you for doing the things that you do.

We are all different and meant to be that way.

Too often, we compare our lives to others which is such a waste of our time and focus.

It is impossible to live YOUR LIFE wrong… 

Just be you! 

2 thoughts on “kindNess – Be you!

    1. Vanessa Roney

      Hi Danissen, what inspires me? That is a great question. I feel as though it changes in some ways each day based on what I see, read, learn, etc. I would say that the foundation of my inspiration is to remind people that no matter what has happened, how people have treated you, how things were and how you were brought up that you are able to change. I share because I remember the people who were there for me, whose simple acts of kindness made all the difference at various stages of my life. I’m inspired further when someone shares that I’ve helped them work through a struggle or crooked thought pattern. I could go on… Thank you for the question! Be well, Vanessa


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